1. Dogs Poop in Alignment with Earth's Magnetic Field.
  2. The world's oldest dog died at age 29.
  3. A guy is 3 times more likely to get a girl's phone number if he has a dog with him.
  4. Humans and dogs first became best friends 30,000 years ago.
  5. Every Dog's mitochondrial DNA is 99.9% the same as a gray wolf.
  6. In English-speaking countries, the most popular names for dogs are Max and Molly.
  7. Dogs and cats only sweat from their footpads and nose.
  8. Dogs have 13 blood types, horses have 8, cows have 9 while Humans only have 4.
  9. Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic whistle audible only to dogs at the end of "A Day in the Life".
  10. In South Carolina, the maximum sentence for beating your dog is longer than the max sentence for beating your wife.
  11. A dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than humans.
  12. Cats have +100 sounds in their vocal repertoire,
    while dogs have only 10.
  13. Humans and dogs are the only two species known to seek visual clues from another's eyes. And dogs only do it with humans.
  14. Cats are America's most popular pets: there are 88 million cats compared to 74 million dogs.
  15. The first cloned dogs, six Canadian Labradors, started to work for South Korea's customs service as sniffers in 2009.
  16. The Nazis tried to teach dogs to talk and read.
  17. FIDO,
    Abraham Lincoln's dog,
    was also
  18. Google prefers dogs to cats. Their official code of conduct specifically states they are a dog company.
  19. In Switzerland, some people still regularly eat dog and cat meat. It's legal in the country.
  20. Husky dogs have been banned from Antarctica since 1994.
  21. 3 dogs survived the Titanic sinking out of 12 canines on board.
  22. Dogs were used as messengers in WW1, carrying orders to the front lines in capsules attached to their bodies.
  23. The smallest living dog in terms of length is a chihuahua who measured 15.2 cm (6 in).
  24. Chocolate can sicken and even kill dogs.
  25. Trained Dogs can sniff out prostate cancer with 98% accuracy.
  26. The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child.
  27. About one million dogs are the primary beneficiary in their owners' wills in the U.S.
  28. 30,000 dogs a day are slaughtered in China for meat and fur.
  29. A coyote crossed with a dog is called a "coydog".
  30. Laika, the first dog in space, did not die peacefully as initially reported by the Soviets. She died because the cabin overheated.
  31. A dog's nose is the equivalent of a human fingerprint: each has a unique pattern.
  32. Dogs are as smart as a 2-year-old baby. They can learn and understand over 150 words.
  33. It is illegal to spay or neuter your dog in Norway except under very specific circumstances.
  34. More than 86,000 people are injured by tripping over their cats and dogs every year in the U.S.
  35. Dogs and elephants are the only animals that seem to instinctively understand pointing.
  36. Unspayed females dogs only go into heat twice a year.
  37. Dogs wag their tails to the right when they're happy and to the left when they're frightened.
  38. If your dog's feet smell like corn chips, you're not alone. The term "Frito Feet" was coined to describe the scent.
  39. Newborn dogs are born blind and deaf. Most puppies open their eyes and respond to noises after about two weeks.
  40. The Labrador dog is from Newfoundland and the Newfoundland dog is from Labrador.
  41. USPS mail carriers are attacked by 6000 dogs per year.
  42. Once a dog hits the age of 10, its chance of dying from cancer is 50%.
  43. Only 5% of dogs experience dental decay, compared with 90% of children.
  44. Dogs have only recently been able to watch TV, since they need about 70 images per second, which older TVs couldn't deliver.
  45. One "dog year" is not equivalent to 7 human years. Dogs age at various rates, depending on their size.
  46. Dogs and cats tend to be right-pawed or left-pawed.
  47. U.S. troops in Vietnam employed over 5,000 'war dogs'.
  48. 93% of dogs and 75 % of cats that go missing in the U.S. are returned safely, a study found.
  49. The "Territorio De Zaguates" (Land of the Strays) in Costa Rica is a huge no-kill dog shelter where you can hike for free with the dogs.
  50. Large Dogs
    Age Faster
    Die Younger.
  51. The tallest known dog, as of 2010, was a Great Dane who measured 1.092 m (43 in) tall.
  52. The Xoloitzcuintli is the national dog of Mexico.
  53. 82% of people would feel more confident approaching an attractive person if they had their dog with them, a survey found.
  54. Dogs can tell the difference between happy and angry human faces.
  55. Dalmatians are white at birth. Their first spots usually appear within 3 to 4 weeks after birth
  56. Aztecs raised Chihuahuas in order to eat them.
  57. Dogs can tell when people are untrustworthy and will stop listening to a person if they prove unreliable.
  58. Dogs may look ashamed, but they can't feel guilt, experts say, just submission.
  59. Wolves became tamer companions and evolved into dogs about 27,000 years ago.
  60. In Victorian London, people were paid to collect dog poop. It was used to tan leather.
  61. In 2012 alone, an estimated 2.8 million dog owners gave their dogs antidepressants.
  62. 93% of dog owners in the U.S. say their dog has made them a better person in at least one way, a study found.
  63. Hitler killed his dog with a cyanide capsule. He also shot the five puppies and buried them with their mother.
  64. In August 2016, a dog was elected mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, for its third term in a row.
  65. An estimated 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year.
  66. Genetic and archaeological evidence suggests there were two distinct dog populations in the world, one in the east and one in the west, during the Palaeolithic.
  67. President Franklin D. Roosevelt kept a total of 11 dogs at the White House during his 12 years and one month in residence.
  68. Dogs can smell their owners from 11 miles away.
  69. There's a bridge in Scotland from which dogs frequently leap to their deaths, and no one knows why.
  70. Despite Americans owning more than 78 million dogs as pets, only about 30 deaths per year are attributed to dog attacks, fewer than bees.
  71. Research shows that in terms of bite attacks against people, dachshunds, or wiener dogs, are more aggressive than pit bulls.
  72. Tillie, the dog who painted, had over 17 solo exhibits under her collar, including shows in Milan, Amsterdam and Brussels.
  73. Lab tests have shown that cats don't love you the way dogs do. Tests has shown that a dog releases Oxytocin (the "love hormone") in their brains at much higher levels when compared to cats.
  74. A study suggests that owning a dog reduces the likelihood of depression by 3 times in patients with HIV, which can result in improved patient adherence to potentially lifesaving antiretroviral therapy (ART).
  75. Dogs can get PTSD. It affects 5-10% of working military dogs.
  76. Research has shown that dogs actually like the silly, high-pitched voice their owners use to talk to them.
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