1. Listening to music while working out measurably improves physical performance.
  2. You don't like the original version of a song because it's better. You like it because it's the one you heard first.
  3. Warner Music collected over US$2 million in royalties in 2008 for public usage of the "Happy Birthday" song.
  4. Your favorite song is probably your favorite because you associate it with an emotional event in your life.
  5. None of The Beatles Could Read Music.
  6. Your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to.
  7. Flowers can grow faster by listening to music.
  8. Elvis Presley didn't write any of his songs.
  9. The type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world.
  10. Barry Manilow didn't write his song called "I write the songs".
  11. Leo Fender, inventor of the Telecaster and Stratocaster, could not play guitar.
  12. Musicians have the same life expectancy as Zimbabweans: the lowest on earth.
  13. The Beatles used to be called Johnny and the Moondogs.
  14. The world's longest concert goes so slow, it will last 639 years.
  15. The world's most expensive musical instrument, a Stradivarius violin, was sold in 2011 for US$15.9 million.
  16. The song Jingle Bells was originally written
    for Thanksgiving.
  17. Loud music can make a person drink more in less time.
  18. The original lyrics of the "Happy Birthday to You" song was
    "Good Morning to You".
  19. A song that gets stuck in your head is called an "earworm".
  20. In 1989, the U.S. military blared AC/DC music at General Noriega's compound in Panama for 2 continuous days. The dictator surrendered.
  21. Rapper NoClue is the World's Fastest Rapper with 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds (14.1 syllables per second).
  22. Jimi Hendrix couldn't read or write music.
  23. Music triggers activity in the same brain structure that releases the "pleasure chemical" dopamine during sex and eating.
  24. For every US$1000 of music sold, the average musician makes just US$23.40.
  25. Metallica is the first and only band to play on all seven continents.
  26. Michael Jackson bought the rights to most of The Beatles' music for US$47.5 million in 1985. It's now worth US$450 million.
  27. Revenue from digital music downloads and subscriptions outpaced CD sales in the U.S. for the first time in 2014.
  28. Led Zeppelin got their name from a fellow musician, who said their band would go down like a "lead balloon."
  29. The British Navy uses Britney Spears' songs to scare off Somali pirates.
  30. Eminem wrote and recorded "The Real Slim Shady" just 3 hours before his album was due.
  31. Babies remain calm twice as long when listening to a song as they do when listening to speech, according to a study.
  32. White people consume 60-80% of all rap music in the U.S.
  33. In 2015, Astronaut Chris Hadfield released the first album of songs recorded entirely in space.
  34. "Under Pressure" was written by David Bowie and Queen during a 24-hour wine and cocaine marathon.
  35. The piano Freddie Mercury plays in Bohemian Rhapsody is the same exact piano Paul McCartney plays in Hey Jude.
  36. When Benjamin Franklin invented his own harmonica, it became so popular in Europe that Mozart and Beethoven composed music for it.
  37. Only about 1 in every 10,000 people has "perfect pitch", the ability to identify a musical note just by hearing it, with no reference note.
  38. Finland has more heavy metal bands per capita than any other country in the world.
  39. Enya, one of the world's best-selling artists, sold over 100 million albums, but had never went on tour.
  40. The largest free rock concert ever had 4.2 million people. It was held by Rod Stewart in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  41. The Iconic "Do you know where you are?! You're in the Jungle Baby!" line was actually yelled at Axl Rose by a Homeless man in New York.
  42. Queen, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Tupac never won a Grammy, while Milli Vanilli and Justin Bieber did.
  43. Music
    can help severely
    patients recall personal memories.
  44. Cats enjoy music that uses similar frequencies to those used to communicate with other felines.
  45. Researchers found that when jazz musicians improvise, their brains turn off areas linked to self-censoring and inhibition, and turn on those that let self-expression flow.
  46. 5% of people have a biological disdain for music, called "musical anhedonia."
  47. "Wannabe" by Spice Girls was deemed as the UK's catchiest song after a study found it only takes 2.29 seconds for listeners to recognize it.
  48. The word "music" comes from the Muses, goddesses of the arts in Greek mythology.
  49. The top 1% of bands and solo artists earn 77% of all revenue from recorded music, a 2014 report found.
  50. Music, painting, poetry, literature and architecture, all used to be part of the modern Olympic Games from 1912 to 1948.
  51. There's a "sea organ" built on the coast of Croatia that plays music like an organ when waves crash in and out of it.
  52. Pianos can have upwards of 12,000 individual parts.
  53. The only father-daughter collaboration to hit number one on the Billboard pop chart was “Something Stupid” by Frank and Nancy Sinatra in 1967.
  54. 'Ukulele' translates as 'jumping flea', likely after the movement of the player's fingers.
  55. Fidel Castro banned The Beatles and other bands in Cuba in 1964. He changed his mind two years later.
  56. Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins.
  57. Frank Sinatra never formally learned how to read music.
  58. 19.3% of deaths for metal musicians are suicide.
  59. 51.5% of deaths for hip-hop musicians are homicide.
  60. The lifespan of a rock star is 25 years shorter than average.
  61. Mozart sold more CDs in 2016 than Beyonce did.
  62. The earliest surviving written music is a Hurrian hymn which date to approximately 1400 BC.
  63. Jennifer Lopez was the first one to have her movie and her album reach no.1 in the same week.
  64. Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics just so that he could play Spider Man in his own produced movie.
  65. Mozart wrote numerous letters, and even an entire song, focused solely on poop.
  66. In cultures that have had little or no exposure to Western music, dissonant chords are rated just as likeable as consonant chords.
  67. Kenny G broke a Guinness World Record in 1997 for playing the longest note ever recorded on a saxophone: an E-flat for 45 minutes and 47 seconds.
  68. The ukulele was not invented in Hawaii but rather in the Portuguese Island of Madeira.
  69. In 1923, the sheet music for ‘Yes, We Have No Bananas' sold 1,000 copies a day.
  70. The piano is only a few decades older than the U.S.A.
  71. Punk rock was born at a cinema matinee in Peru in the 1960s.
  72. The Beatles, Garth Brooks and Elvis are the best-selling artists of all-time in the U.S.
  73. John Lennon started his singing career as a choir boy at St. Peter's church.
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