1. The Fastest Goal in Soccer history was scored just over 2 seconds after kick-off.
  2. A 20-month-old baby became the youngest professional soccer player ever, after being signed up by a Belgian club.
  3. Qatar's 2022 World Cup will take more lives than 9/11 due to horrible working conditions for migrant workers building stadiums and infrastructure.
  4. 8 of the 12 host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil are among the 50 most violent cities in the world.
  5. The city of Lusail, host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final game, does not exist yet.
  6. In 2013, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo opened a museum dedicated to himself.
  7. The first soccer game televised was a friendly match between Arsenal's first and second team in 1937.
  8. More than 1 in 20 soccer injuries are caused by celebrating goals on the pitch.
  9. On average, soccer players run as far as 9.5 miles in a single match.
  10. Argentina's retired soccer player Diego Maradona has his own religion made by his fans.
  11. The word "soccer" originated as a
    slang abbreviation of the word "association"
  12. The Vatican has its own soccer team.
  13. Ronaldinho's deal with Coca-Cola ended after he was caught sipping a Pepsi in a news conference.
  14. FIFA has more member countries than the U.N.
  15. The original 2014 World Cup's ball was produced in Pakistan.
  16. The most goals scored in a World Cup's match was 10 by Hungary against El Salvador in 1982.
  17. When the World Cup was hosted in the U.S. in 1994, they only spent US$30 million on infrastructure improvements. For the 2014 World Cup, Brazil spent US$11 billion.
  18. Famous soccer player Mario Balotelli is an Italian, born to immigrants from Ghana, raised by a Jewish mother.
  19. In 1969, El Salvador waged war on Honduras
    after it lost against it in a soccer match.
  20. The British coined the term "Soccer" in the late 1800s, not America.
  21. German soccer player Mesut Ozil donated his €300,000 World Cup victory bonus to pay surgeries for 23 children in Brazil.
  22. Soccer player Didier Drogba is credited with brokering a cease-fire in his home country of Ivory Coast that brought a five-year civil war to an end.
  23. When Germany won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, it was the first time as a united country. The three previous times, the soccer World Cup was won by West Germany.
  24. Soccer fans in Italy are called "tifosi", meaning "carriers of typhus", because their fanatism is like a fever.
  25. In 1967, the Nigerian Civil War ground to a halt for two days because both sides wanted to watch soccer player Pele in an exhibition match.
  26. A Liverpool fan killed himself when his team was 3-0 down in the 2005 Champions League final's first half. They came back to win the game in the second half.
  27. After the whistle to start the game, soccer player Lee Todd said "F*ck me, that was loud" and received the fastest red card in history: 2 seconds.
  28. Cristiano Ronaldo funded the education of a 7-year-old survivor of the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia. He was found wearing a Portuguese jersey. The boy grew up to be a soccer player and was signed by Sporting Lisbon in 2015.
  29. Henry Kissinger convinced Pele to play soccer in the U.S.
  30. Soccer player Ronaldinho came to media attention at 13 years old when his team won 23-0. He'd scored all 23 goals.
  31. A refereeing decision in a soccer match between Argentina and Peru in 1964 led to a riot in which 300 fans were killed.
  32. Brazilian footballer Carlos Kaiser staged his whole career for 24 years: he could barely kick a ball. In the first training session with every new team, the con man usually suffered a "muscle injury" that would keep him out for an indefinite period.
  33. Soccer player Edson Arantes do Nascimento, most known as Pelé, was named after Thomas Edison.
  34. Soccer player Pelé has his own day every year in Santos, Brazil. On November 19, Pelé day remembers the date of his 1,000th goal.
  35. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created Sherlock Holmes, was a founder and the first goalkeeper of soccer club Portsmouth FC.
  36. The 20 richest soccer clubs, all European, earned 7.4 billion euros in the 2015/16. Sponsorships and merchandise accounted for 43% of it, broadcast rights 39%, and ticket sales 18%.
  37. A record $4.79 billion was spent on 14,591 soccer player deals globally in 2016, according to FIFA. That's about $328,000 per average deal.
  38. Iran women's national soccer team fielded up to 8 men awaiting sex change operations in 2015.
  39. When Iceland's soccer team reached the quarter-final of the 2016 Euro Cup, 10% of Iceland's population traveled to France for the game.
  40. Australia's National Soccer team is called "The Socceroos."
  41. After Korean soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan scored the goal to eliminate Italy from the 2002 World Cup, his contract was cancelled by the Italian club he played at for ‘ruining Italian soccer.'
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